Our Objectives

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The Trust fund is established are health/medical, educational, social, culture, economical and fundamental development to the poor and downtrodden and advancement of any charitable related to the general public utility and development of welfare of the society.

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  • 1. We are an operational funding organization. We recognize the importance of creating institutional “social infrastructure” to complement the society, and as an operating or implementing organization, we work in partnership with the people to improve the quality of education and knowledge.

  • 2. We seek systemic change in all our works, which is aimed at creating large – scale impact shows directly or indirectly on the wide change that touches the large number of underprivileged population in our country, which is possible only by working in close partnership with the government. We also forward our hands open to work with the private sectors, if required.

  • 3. We focus our efforts on two critical elements of change viz. people and knowledge. People have a critical role in catalyzing social change, and the value of developing a culture of evidence – based on the decisions in policy and program formulation is immeasurable.

  • 4. Committed and competent people who can be change agents is a critical gap in India today. Therefore our focus is to develop new talent, transform the existing talent, and build capacity in education and allied areas.

  • 5. High – quality research and domain knowledge is essential to driving change through policy and practice. Knowledge creation through a strong focus on research is thus critical.

  • 6. In a country that lacks a culture of research, building knowledge through research is critical; but this must be deeply rooted in practical ground realities, for applicability.

  • 7. Our “academia” and “practice” teams work together continually and synergistically.

  • 8. It takes significant and continuous effort over many decades for any deep – rooted change to happen in a country like India, which is so vast, diverse, and complex. Such longevity of effort can only be achieved through dynamic “institutions.”