Women Empowerment

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While a lot is spoken of equal rights for women in India, the situational reality of the status of women in India, particularly in rural areas, is pathetic.

Gender disparity manifests itself in various forms, the most obvious being the trend of continuously declining female population rates in the last few decades. The underlying causes of gender inequality are related to social and economic factors.

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Trust aims at a holistic approach to the development of women to enable them to realize their full potential and establish a dignified status for themselves in the society.

Women's initiative for self-employment provides a one stop shop where high-potential, lower-income women receive training to start and develop their business. The business management training, technical assistance and financial services we provide improve the quality of life of women, their families, and also our communities.

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Trust taking more important on women's education in locally a major pre-occupation of both the government and civil society. Today's life women education is very important for the development of the society. Gender discrimination still persists in India and a lot more needs to be done in the field of women's education in India. The Trust strives to ensure that all girl children get formal education.